List of the bestantivirus program

The antivirus software should be installed on any device we use to surf the Internet or exchange data. While our online activity is growing, the need for protection has also increased. Our unbiased antivirus reviews will help you to find the best security software for any device.

TotalAV – The Best Antivirus in 2019

General Overview

Ranked as one of the most efficient and cost-effective antivirus software in the market today, Total AV offers users optimum protection against malware, Ransomware, and Hacking at a near 100% performance rate (more in our Total AV review). The software has inbuilt capabilities which outperform other competitors (of the same spec) by providing users with regular virus updates and real-time antivirus protection 24 hours a day. Some of its advanced features of note are

  • Anti-malware engine for protection against all forms of virus infections
  • Real-time antivirus checks on all your files and apps
  • Spyware removal capabilities
  • Adware cleaner for protection against aggressive advertising
  • Anti-ransomware protection against illegal data encryption
  • Remote firewall for blocking and unblocking connections
  • Browser security for blocking phishing sites
  • Compatible with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices

This software has also been designed to provide users with all-round customer support 24/7. For users looking for an antivirus program that works well on computers and mobile devices, Total antivirus is the program to go for. With Total AV, your app, files, and hard drives will remain virus-free due to its excellent virus detection capability.

Key Characteristics:

  • Parental Control mechanism
  • Identity protection (Firewall, ID, and Financial) – for US users only
  • Desktop and mobile compatibility
  • Compatible with Windows, Apple Mac, and Android systems

Some Negative Issues:

  • Total AV’s performance against malware attacks is less than 100%

Who Needs to Choose TotalAV?

Total AV ranks high on the list of antivirus software when rated based on price and effectiveness. Although it lacks some of the essential features found in other advanced programs, it still serves as a very good defense against malware incursions. This program is ideal for people who want a great product for a low price (it also has a Free version)

Norton Antivirus – The Best Mobile Antivirus, Protection For Up To 10 Devices

General Overview

Norton is one of the best antivirus software on the market. It is ranked as top consumer-security software both in terms of performance and overall protection. Norton stands out from its competitors by providing full protection for up to 10 devices. It includes top-notch features offering malware protection and automatic photo backup. It offers 3 packages and covers Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. Simple in use and installing, Norton antivirus also has 24/7 customer support. This antivirus is available for iOS and Android, so if you want to find the best mobile antivirus, virus removal app, and best security app solution, Norton is a good match.

  • Full Norton antivirus review

Key Characteristics:

  • One of the best virus protection software on the market
  • Firewall, identity, and financial protection
  • Very good for parental protection

Some Negative Issues:

  • Average detection rates and protection compared to other top rated antivirus software.

Who Needs to Choose Norton?

This antivirus offers an affordable price and a full set of features for complete protection. The antivirus software comparison shows that Norton is quite basic and maybe lacks some advanced features. It is most suitable for beginners, as it is very easy to use and its installing is as simple as ABC. There are also some great family safety features, so Norton is a perfect match for those who want to set up parental control.

McAfee Antivirus – The Most Advanced Antivirus & One of the Best Firewalls

General Overview

If you are looking for the best antivirus for PC, McAfee can be a great choice (review). It offers great value, good price, and all necessary protection for your computer. This antivirus offers built-in PC optimization tools, email spam blocking, parental controls, protection from hackers and thief firewall, as well as the social media link protection.

This Antivirus was created in 1987 and based in Santa Clara, California. McAfee offers different Antivirus Packages such as McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security. They are often pre-built in the operating system by such companies like Acer, Dell, and Lenovo.

Key Characteristics:

  • Offers full-featured protection and 100% guaranteed virus removal;
  • Pricing is fair and there is a 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Easy to use, install process is quick and simple.

Some Negative Issues:

  • Price is slightly above the average on the market;
  • Uses more system resources than other antivirus packages.

Who needs to choose McAfee?

You should buy this antivirus if you need a ‘static’ online protection. McAfee is good for both personal use and business solutions of any size. You can install it on multiple devices as it’s licenses contain protection for multiple devices. However, it’s pricing depend on how many devices you use, for example, the basic plan offers only one device. McAfee is available for Mac, Windows, and Android and there is a 24/7 customer support.

Intego – Mac-Exclusive Security on a Budget

General Overview

Usually, Mac versions of known antivirus products come as a “bonus” to the Windows packages. But that’s not the case with Intego (our tests): this is a Mac-only solution, and it’s excellent at removing malware and keeping online threats at bay. While it’s not as advanced as some multi-platform alternatives, it does have a decent set of features. Remember: you can accidentally transfer viruses to a Windows user via email: check any files you send with a different product.

Key Characteristics:

  • One Of The Best Picks For Mac Users;
  • Impressive Third-Party Test Results;
  • Decent Real-Time Protection;
  • Comes With A Powerful Firewall;
  • Thorough Scans; Supports Scheduled Scans.

Some Negatives Issues:

  • Below-Average Windows Malware Detection Rates;
  • Full Scans Take Long To Complete;
  • The Free Trial Is Very Limited.

Who Needs To Choose Intego?

The days when Mac users were perfectly safe without any protection are long gone. These days, an antivirus is necessary to stay safe while browsing the web. Trojans, spyware, ransomware, and adware are also real threats for the Mac OS, which means you’ll need an internet security suite like Intego, not just an antivirus. It has been around for 2+ decades and has dramatically evolved over the years

The bottom line is – if you don’t own any Win-/Android-/iOS-run devices and only have a Mac computer, don’t hesitate to start using Intego. You can choose between four available products, starting with the basic Internet Security and ending with Premium, the most advanced and expensive package.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 – The Best Malware Antivirus, The Best Antivirus for Gaming

General Review

This virus removal software includes all necessary features for a great performance and high level of protection. According to various reviews, it offers a wider range of features compared to other top antivirus solutions. Bitdefender works only on Windows but offers some separate products for iOS and Android (more in our Bitdefender review).

Key Characteristics:

  • Really high level of protection;
  • Good performance – doesn’t slow down your computer;
  • Advanced features available;
  • Free version available.

Some negative issues:

  • Works only on Windows;
  • Full scans are not fast.

Who Needs to Choose Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020?

This is great antivirus software for both home and business use. It’s great for business as you can add some advanced features and good for simple home use, especially because it includes a free version.

AVG Antivirus – The Most Used Antivirus Software, Friendly, Intuitive

General Review

This is a good option for those who want to get basic antivirus software. AVG provides a full set of the protection features, protection from malware attacks, and detection of the prevalent malware, etc. This antivirus is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. It is available at the average price on the market. In comparison to other antivirus software, AVG lacks some advanced features, and its upgraded version cost is higher.

Key Characteristics:

  • Works on Windows, Mac, and has a separate Android antivirus app;
  • Offers free trial month if you choose the annual plan;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easy to use, simple installing process.

Some negative issues:

  • Not available on iOS;
  • Very basic.

Who Needs to Choose AVG Antivirus?

Actually, this antivirus can be a good solution both for personal use or business. But, as AVG offers a limited set of features, this antivirus is too basic if you need stronger protection.

BullGuard Antivirus – Complete Antivirus Protection

General Overview

This antivirus also offers a wide range of protection. BullGuard is a trojan remover and offers complete antivirus protection, email and spam blocking, parental controls, firewall protection, identity and financial protection, and so on. This antivirus is available for three computers offering 25 GB online backup storage. BullGuard offers 24/7 customer support, but it’s available only during working hours. Pricing is flexible and there are 3 different plans included in a free trial (check best free antivirus). Here is our Bullguard review.

Key Characteristics:

  • Complete set of virus protection;
  • Three different plans to choose;
  • Price is average, offers 60-day free trial for the annual plan, and 15-day for other plans;
  • Customer support is available in multiple languages.

Some negative issues:

  • Customer support available only during working hours;
  • Performance is slow;
  • Lacks advanced features.

Who Needs to Choose BullGuard?

Beginners who don’t want to go in-depth with computer protection. BullGuard is very simple to use and install. Also, it’s great for those who want to test first and then buy. Thanks to its free trial option, you can check how this antivirus actually works.

Kaspersky Antivirus – One of the Best Antiviruses for Windows, Incredibly Secure

General Review

This is probably the most well-known antivirus software. Kaspersky Lab Antivirus offers a 100% guaranteed effective protection and removes all types of viruses. The basic plan doesn’t offer too many features compared to its competitors; however, you can get more advanced versions of Kaspersky Internet and Total Security. This is definitely one of the best virus protection software on the market, that you can read in our Kaspersky antivirus review.

Key Characteristics:

  • Complete virus protection, including parental control and online banking protection;
  • Very easy to use and installing is simple;
  • Very reliable;
  • There is a 30-day free trial;
  • Best antivirus for Windows 10.

Some negative issues:

  • Lacks advanced features;
  • Available only for Windows;
  • Installation can be up to 20 minutes.

Who Needs to Choose Kaspersky?

This is one of the best antivirus software and good for those who don’t use Mac. There is a free trial, so Kaspersky is great for those who want a free month, so they can test it first. So, if you need a good Windows antivirus, Kaspersky is a great choice, but if you need the best mobile antivirus software, choose something else.

Avast Antivirus – The Best Free Antivirus

General Review

This virus removal software is one of the best antivirus software on the market. In 2016, Avast has expanded its database and bought previously mentioned AVG antivirus. As one of the best anti-malware software, Avast Antivirus offers great, feature-rich free version offering its users continuous support and regular updates.

Key Characteristics:

  • One of the best malware removal software;
  • The best internet security features;
  • Home network scanner available;
  • Game mode included;
  • Customer support included;
  • Average price;
  • Really good free version.

Some negative issues:

  • No parental controls;
  • Slow scanning process;
  • You need to install the Chrome browser for extensions.

Who Needs to Choose Avast?

Good for personal and business use. Great for those who want a free antivirus. However, if you want to set up parental controls, better choose another antivirus.

General Overview

This is another one of those security suites that features not only antivirus protection but also a firewall and even optimization tools. For a very long time, people used to think that Scanguard was just a scam, but that’s not really true (why? read here). This is a legit, comprehensive, and reliable tool for protecting your Win Mac, Android, or iOS device. Scanguard has a wide range of features for privacy; plus, the user interface is very easy to use.

Key Characteristics:

  • Features A Two-Wall Firewall;
  • Decent Performance, Low System Impact;
  • Offers Affordable Subscription Plans;
  • Quite Good At Boosting OS Performance With The Tune-Up Tools;
  • You Can Use One Account For Every Single Device You Own.

Some Negatives Issues:

  • Renewal Rates Are Very Steep Compared To The Competition;
  • Lack Of Third-Party Test Results.

Who Needs to Choose Scanguard?

If you’re not sure this software is what you need, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free edition. Yes, it is limited, but you’ll still be able to see what Scanguard is capable of in real life. Plus, thanks to the advanced engine, system impact is very low, and you won’t feel like the OS is slowing down even during a full scan. Last, but not least, there’s a two-wall firewall for an additional layer of security.

Avira Antivirus – The Best Lightweight Antivirus, All-Around Solid Performance

General Overview

Based in Germany, Avira (our review here) has been on the market for 3+ decades. As for the Avira antivirus, it is highly ranked by third-party testers and comes with quite an impressive set of features (Avira review). This year, they introduced a brand-new version of the antivirus engine and the user interface, taking the product to the next level. Safety, ease of use, and relatively affordable price-tags turn it into a sure pick for the regular users.

If you’re not looking for the most secure, private, or feature-packed solution, but a well-balanced product, Avira will be right up your alley. Our experts recommend it to the regular users in search of a quiet and reliable antivirus that will work in the background without bothering them.

Key Characteristics:

  • Impressive Malware Protection;
  • Low System Impact;
  • Support Of Multiple Platforms;
  • User-Friendly, Easy To Navigate.

Some Negatives Issues:

  • The Free Version Is Limited And Comes With Ads;
  • No Live Chat Support.

Who Needs to Choose Avira?

Users that put all-around decent performance first and are looking for a friendly, straightforward interface will appreciate Avira. It is incredibly lightweight, meaning it will work flawlessly even on older operating systems and hardware. With the Prime package, you can protect up to 25 devices, which can cover small businesses. We would definitely like to see a Live Chat, but support is still great, and you can contact them both via email and phone.

PC Matic – A Different Approach To System Optimization

General Overview

The most important thing to understand about PC Matic is that it’s not a regular antivirus (more in our review). Instead, it offers a big list of optimization tools, and an antivirus engine is just one of the available elements. Think of it as an “all-in-one” kind of a suite that can significantly improve performance when used correctly. PC Matic uses the so-called “whitelisting” approach to dealing with online threats.

And while it has several benefits, you’ll need to be ready for constant blocks of legit programs and apps on your device. On the other hand, thanks to the cloud-based approach, PCMatic has almost no impact on the system whatsoever. Plus, it is available not only for Windows but also Android.

Key Characteristics:

  • Whitelisting Technology Performs Flawlessly Against Malware;
  • Low-Priced (Compared To Similar Products);
  • Some Of The Optimization Tools Are Quite Useful;
  • The Company Offers A Lifetime Subscription Plan.

Some Negatives Issues:

  • PC Matic Constantly Blocks “Innocent” Programs;
  • Almost No Third-Party Test Results Are Available;
  • Manual Tests Are Very Hard To Schedule.

Who Needs To Choose PC Matic?

Inexperienced users might be a bit intimidated by this product’s complicated interface. However, once you learn your way around it, PC Matic might just become your favorite antivirus/optimization tool. As mentioned, even the most outdated machines will be able to run it, which is excellent news for the owners of older Smartphones and computers. Sadly, customer support is a bit slow, and it might take you a while to get an answer.

Vipre Antivirus – Simple, Yet Highly Effective

General Overview

Decent third-party test results, and a very simple interface – that’s what Vipre is all about (more in Vipre review). However, we’re a little bit concerned by the fact that this company isn’t clear about its pricing policy (especially for the business products). Plus, the official website hasn’t been updated for a long time. The good news is – you can always pick one of the available free trials and take the products for a spin.

Key Characteristics:

  • Easy To Download, Setup, And Run;
  • Comes With A Firewall And Free Virus Remover;
  • Highly Affordable If You Need Protection For Several Devices;
  • Low System Impact.

Some Negatives Issues:

  • Customer Support Leaves A Lot To Be Desired;
  • The Official Website Is Slow And Outdated.

Who Needs to Choose Vipre?

One of the key features of this antivirus is the incredibly simple main dashboard. You won’t find many additional tools there, which, for some users, is a con. However, for people that are looking for an effective, yet “modest” antivirus solution, Vipre might be a good pick. With it, you’ll get malware, ransomware, adware, spyware, and phishing protection.

Webroot – The Best Antivirus For Privacy

General Overview

With more than twenty years of experience behind its back, this team has done a marvelous job with Webroot (more in our Webroot review). This is a cloud-based malware detection tool that can work with Win (starting with XP 32 bit) and Mac (OS 10.7, Lion); mobile platforms are also supported. Thanks to the cloud approach, its database of known malware is always being updated, which keeps the international users safe from all the new threats.

To run, Webroot doesn’t need more than 15 megabytes of hard-drive space. It doesn’t load the CPU or RAM of your computer/mobile device since all the heavy lifting isn’t done locally. It works based on metadata and behavioral patterns, blocking any potentially harmful files and using the cloud computer to deal with them.

Key Characteristics:

  • One Of The Fastest (And Deepest) Scans;
  • Supports Win, Mac, iOS, and Android;
  • Low System Impact, Cloud-Based;
  • Highly Affordable If You Pick One Of The Yearly Plans;
  • Comes With Dozens Of Handy Features.

Some Negatives Issues:

  • Single-Device Packages Are A Bit Pricey;
  • Lack Of Consistent Third-Party Test Results;
  • The User Interface Takes Some Getting Used To.

Who Needs To Choose Webroot?

If you need an affordable and decent solution that will keep you protected 24/7, put this antivirus on your list. One of the best things about it: you can use Webroot in combination with a regular antivirus program, like Kaspersky, Avast, or Bitdefender. That way, you’ll create a double layer of defense against outside threats. On its own, Webroot isn’t very strong, but, together with more traditional software, it is highly effective.

Trend Micro – Easy to Use, Industry-Leading Anti-Malware Protection

General Review

Since 1988, when this antivirus was founded, Trend Micro has become one of the best malware removal software on the market (check Trend Micro review). Trend Micro offers an intuitive trendy interface design and excellent security package. It was founded in California but the headquarter is currently based in Japan. Trend Micro offers PC optimization tools for up to 3 PCs and 5 GB for online backup. There are three products to choose from Trend Micro: Antivirus+Trend Micro Internet Security, and Trend Micro Maximum Security.

Key Characteristics:

  • Best virus protection features;
  • Great interface design;
  • Easy for using and installing;
  • Good Price and 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Available for iOS and Android.

Some negative issues:

  • Uses more system resources than other top-rated antivirus software;
  • File detection rates are below the market average.

Who Needs to Choose Trend Micro?

This is a good option for those who want to get more ‘fresh’ product with the updated and intuitive interface design that is simple in use. But, as it lacks some file detection rates features, it’s more suitable for basic use. In case you need antivirus for work, you’d better choose something stronger.

ESET Antivirus – Arguably, The Best Antivirus for Networks

General Review

This is one of the oldest but still the best antivirus for PC on the market. ESET offers a full range of protection with a high level of performance. Apart from static virus protection, it offers some great business solutions like server securityremote management, and so on (about this antivirus in Eset antivirus review). It also includes parental controls. ESET is available for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Key Characteristics:

  • Complete protection including ransomware protection, antivirus, and antispyware protection;
  • Scanning is cloud-powered;
  • Multilingual customer support;
  • Operates at full power thanks to a light system footprint;
  • 30-day free trial.

Some negative issues:

  • Price can be higher than average.

Who Needs to Choose ESET?

This is great antivirus software for business solutions like server protection, etc. Great performance, multilingual customer support also proves that ESET is perfect for businesses. It also offers some advanced features.

Why do we need antivirus software?

Before we move on to reviewing top antivirus solutions, let us once again talk about the ways viruses may penetrate into your system and emphasize that a reliable antivirus is a must.

It’s really hard to avoid possible threats today while using the Internet. If you don’t click on weird ads or don’t visit certain unsafe websites, it’s not enough. A computer virus may come not only from streaming movies or downloading files that contain malware.

There are different ways for viruses to damage your computer or any other device you use. You can get a virus by checking your email mistakenly clicking a banner or a pop-up window or even a “Read More” button while reading an article. Any of these simple actions may damage or, in some cases, completely destroy your computer. Those are just a few examples, and there are far more ways how viruses can get into your devices.

If you install an antivirus on your device, there is nothing to worry about. Today, there is a big choice of the best anti-malware software according to various reviews, so you can choose the one that fits you best based on your online activity.

A few more tips to help you with your choice

If you have compared several security suits but still have no clue which one is right for you, do the following.

  • Try them for free. Majority of antivirus providers offer a one-month free trial which is more than enough to get an idea on whether the product suits you or not.
  • Don’t waste your money paying for tools and features you don’t need. If you only want the software which does a good protection job and nothing else, choose the one that is cheaper.
  • Don’t go for preinstalled products. You Windows might come with a free one-month trial of a known antivirus. Once the trial interim is over, you will get reminders to upgrade the product. Don’t rush and do some investigation instead. You will probably end up with a better solution.
  • Check whether the antivirus is also capable of taking care of malware. The best security suites are capable of both detecting threats and healing infected devices.
  • Don’t get cheated with antivirus for your iOS. Some iOS apps declare they can protect your device from viruses but the reality is this is what your OS does itself. They are rather security suits that offer some useful features, so it’s only reasonable to get such an app if you need those extras.

What is the best antivirus software and how it works?

Once you installed the antivirus software, it detects and blocks any malware that comes from the Internet or warns you about the danger. For example, if you download something or visit an unsafe website, the antivirus will let you know whether these actions are safe or not.

Antivirus software usually monitors your online presence 24 hours a day. It uses a malware signature database and reports all possible threats, indexes them, and adds to its database.

There are many options to use the antivirus in your favor. When the threat is detected, you have three options to fix it. The first is to delete the threat, second is to quarantine it and the third option is to ignore the threat. Deleting the virus is not always possible, so the best option can be to quarantine it. Even though it’s not deleted, the virus is isolated and can’t damage your devices.

When choosing antivirus software pay attention to the following:

  • How well it performs in detecting various types of threats;
  • Whether it affects the computer’s performance significantly;
  • Whether it has a simple interface.

However, these are not the only things you should consider. We recommend picking those security suites which include useful extras. For example, parental controls, an enhanced firewall, password manager, VPN and other. It will never hurt to have an additional layer of security. Also, it is better to stick to antivirus which can protect several devices in one subscription.

What is the difference between Free and Paid Antivirus Software?

So, you agreed that antivirus software is something you really need to avoid any damages of your devices, and probably you wonder which one you need to install. What is the difference between free and paid antivirus software?

As in any free product, free antivirus has some cons in comparison with a paid version. But, it depends on what you need. For example, if you need the Internet for social media or streaming, a free version can be a great option for you. But, if you work with different software or constantly download videos or other files, paid antivirus can offer you a higher level of protection.

Probably, free versions are great when you need to try and have a look at specific antivirus software. However, free software can’t offer you all the necessary features and the same level of protection if compared to a paid version. More here: best free antivirus.

You can’t get the full service with a free version of antivirus. Paid antivirus software covers both online and offline activities. It will also provide you with strong encryption and consequently better protection from such malware like worms, trojans, and ransomware. If your device is already infected, paid antivirus software is the best option, as most of the paid antivirus software offers virus removal, and various cleanup tools, as well as detection of possible threats.

What features paid Antivirus software offers?

There are a few key features that you should look out for when choosing antivirus software and it will vary depending on your needs. We would like to highlight some features that paid antivirus software usually includes according to various antivirus software reviews.

  • A built-in firewall: It will give you additional protection when you browse the Internet.
  • Email spam blocking: Offers you protection from spam, spyware, or phishing.
  • Parental control: It is meant to protect your kids from online predators and to inform you about their activities online.
  • Webcam protection: Blocks attempts to get access to your webcam.
  • Gaming mode: It will make sure your online gaming activity is secure and you don’t get annoying pop-ups while playing.
  • Safe browser: Checks every single website you visit and alarms you on potential threats.
  • Password manager: Allows safe storage of your passwords.
  • Safe storage (cloud-based): Will back up your files and keep them safe.
  • Cleanup/tune-up tools: This feature will get rid of large and unnecessary files and folders and thus, will help you keep your machine clean.
  • File shredder: Removes all unwanted files without any possibility for them to be recovered.
  • VPN: It will help you stay private when browsing the Internet; a perfect solution for those who use public WiFi networks.

How we test

Here at, we’ve been reviewing antivirus and internet security products for a very long time. In every single review, we focus on the most important aspects, including malware, ransomware, and phishing protection, to name a few. Pricing, customer support, available features, and user-friendliness are also being thoroughly tested.

For our tests, we use a collection of malware samples, malicious websites, and ransomware-generating programs. We monitor system impact (how many resources a product needs to run full scans), speed of detection, and, of course, detection rates. Third-company tests allow us to compare results and to create a complete picture of an antivirus/security suite.

You’ll find in-depth, detailed, thorough reviews with a list of highlights and pros-cons that will help you decide which product suits you best. There’s a comparison table on the website that you can use to quickly put several products next to each other and compare them based on your own preferences.

Here is a list of the most important factors that we always take into consideration:

  • Reliability And Security;
  • Real-Time Protection;
  • Offline Protection;
  • Package Features;
  • Ease Of Use;
  • Product Value;
  • Supported Platforms;
  • Free Trials And Money-Back Guarantees;
  • Performance And System Impact.

Bottom Line

This selection of top 10 antiviruses was created based on various factors like pricing, level of malware detection, Internet security, customer support, and so on. This antivirus comparison of the top antivirus programs gives you general information related to antivirus ratings and the difference between these products.

The antivirus reviews will help you to choose the best antivirus software. If you need the antivirus software for business, its better to choose antivirus with advanced features like server protection, email spam blocking etc – read more in our guide “Best antivirus for business“. Brands that we’ve included in our top 10 antivirus software are a good match for both personal and business needs.

Here are some of our top choices:

  • Best free antivirus for your PC;
  • Best Mac antivirus software;
  • Best antivirus for Windows;
  • Best antivirus for iPhone.