Do I need antivirus for mac os x?

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Happy owners of “apple” devices most likely ever wondered whether an anti-virus on a MacBook is needed at all. After all, Apple has always argued that its technology is an innovation, and no infection from the Network on unique gadgets can not invade.

However, even though until recently this was the case, now Mac OS still needs to provide additional security.

This system is not as susceptible to Internet infections as Microsoft Windows, so a comparative analysis of suitable ?advocates? will be different.

Why has antivirus on poppy become a necessity?

As stated by Apple, antivirus for Mac OS is entirely unnecessary, and yet times are changing, changes have overtaken these technologies. Let’s deal with this issue before choosing the best antivirus for mac os.

Until some time the world of computer technology was divided into two parallel parts – PowerPC and Intel x86.

The first platform, which is just represented by Apple, produced Mac OS, and the second – Microsoft Windows, more common among ordinary users.

And, indeed, the PowerPC platform did not hurry to get acquainted with viruses, while Intel x86 repelled attacks all the time.

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First, DOS, then the well-known and more modern Windows – users of these systems are accustomed to permanent protective measures because without them it is almost impossible to keep your PC safe. Such a large, bulky gap between these two tacitly competing platforms gave rise to a strong belief that Mac OS is invulnerable.

And this thought was right, but precisely until one event happened. Mac OS was migrated to the Intel x86 platform. But this did not become a significant part of the problem. The transition to another platform has contributed to more excellent distribution, and this system has become more massively used.

Popularization moved by leaps and bounds precisely because everyone wanted to forget about the constant precautions and the purchase of antivirus programs. The PowerPC platform was suitable for everyone except for the cost – inaccessibility made the products in some sense elitist. And now, when the price has dropped to the norm, users have become much more actively paying attention to the product.

Antivirus for Mac Os x: choose the best

We will compare the most popular and well-established manufacturers in the market. The comparison will be made on several specific parameters that have become for us the most significant:

Providing real-time protection;

Control of massage using POP3, SMTP, IMAP4;

Control message over HTTP;

Checking the reputation of web pages;

Check all documents that come through the iChat IM channel;

Heuristic analysis designed to detect Windows viruses;

Exploit barrier;


Parental control;

Virtual keyboard

All these positions will allow you to identify the most successful version of the antivirus program.

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Kaspersky Security for Mac

This program has good, competitive qualities. Of all the above points, this antivirus cannot boast of only protection against exploits and control over files received via IM iChat. The remaining indicators are present, and this gives us reason to say that this manufacturer can secure your PC at a high level.

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Dr.Web for Mac OS X

But about this protection cannot be said that it provides complete security. The manufacturer introduced only a couple of points: it offers real-time protection and heuristic analysis.

These indicators are enough to keep the relative cleanliness of your computer – while you are using a technique, Dr. Web monitors the security and controls the attacks typical of Windows. However, Dr.

The web offers its services on a paid basis, and just two indicators – this is not enough.

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Norton AntiVirus 12 for Mac

Norton has the right to compete with Kaspersky – here we are presented with all the parameters, except for the cloud, parental control, and the virtual keyboard.

Cloud technology is an opportunity to increase the response rate of antivirus software to new attacks. Primarily, the received data is processed to detect new threats. That is, we can say that this is just a reinforcement of the already reliable protection.

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But parental control is a standard feature, the absence of which may be the reason for the refusal of Norton services for many users. This is the ability to set a block on visiting specific sites, setting the time during which you can use the Network and so on.

ESET NOD32 Cyber ??Security

This manufacturer does not offer protection in all respects, but the main points are observed.

Despite the lack of parental control, checking the reputation of sites, control over files transferred via IM iChat, a virtual keyboard and protection against exploits, all the other items on the list are present.

This is enough to provide a right level of protection, but those for whom it is essential to recognize Windows attacks or control the use of PCs will not choose this antivirus on Mac.

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