How to Use Total AV for Free

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A brief Total AV review

Total Antivirus (TotalAV) is a full-featured antivirus software package that offers great features. TotalAV provides both free and paid versions. Total AV free is useful, but very limited, while a paid version provides some unique features that set it apart from some of the larger brands. The results are displayed in a clear and concise format, which makes it easy to understand what problems you have on your computer and instantly fix them.

The advantages of this antivirus include:

  • Great feature set
  • Includes VPN
  • Intuitive and attractive interface

There are also some disadvantages to this antivirus:

  • Long scan time
  • Creation of an account for installation is required, even with the free version
  • Additional features are expensive

In general, the program is installed with one click, there are a file manager, an improved firewall and a system bootloader, it also offers protection for your iOS and Android devices.

So, the program has many useful functions that will serve to protect and enhance the security of user devices. It also has features that can help optimize their devices. For example, this program not only scans your device for threats and malware but also has a System Boost feature in which users can choose which programs to run when starting, uninstalling applications and managing browser data.

It also has a Disk Cleaner that could compose duplicate and unwanted data from your computer. There is a web security feature in which users can browse the Internet through a VPN, firewall, and ad unit. Finally, there is a Password Vault where users can store and protect their passwords.

Is it worthy to buy it?

All these functions are excellent and all, but, unfortunately, most of them are available only in the paid version. The free version can only scan the user’s device for threats. The question of whether users should receive a paid version is controversial. The free version is practically somewhat limited, and the only way to use it is to completely buy the product.

On the other hand, you can find and download the hacked version with the provided key and code, an Internet needs to pay for something. This is done in the following sequence:

  • Download and install the trial version
  • Download the hacked file
  • Unzip and run the software
  • Wait until the decompression fully opens the files and provides an open version
  • Restart OS
  • Enjoy the full version.

Now you can use high-quality antivirus and not be afraid for the security of your computer.

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