Overview of McAfee VirusScan Antivirus

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System requirements:

MS Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP

Personal computer with:

Pentium 150MHz or higher (for MS Windows 98, Me)

Pentium 233MHz or higher (for MS Windows 2000, XP)


64MB (for MS Windows 98, Me)

128MB (for MS Windows 2000, XP)

MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

Disk space: about 15MB

The installation process does not cause any difficulties; the only thing that is required is to restart the computer. After the reboot, five processes will appear in memory:

Mcagent.exe (1Mb Ram + 2.5Mb Virtual)

McShield.exe (7Mb Ram + 7.5 Virtual)

McVSEscn.exe (1Mb Ram + 3.5 Virtual)

Mcvsrte.exe (330Kb Ram + 500Kb Virtual)

Mcvsshld.exe (950Kb Ram + 2.6Mb Virtual)

Naturally, the values ??are approximate and subject to change.

McAfee Security Center: Implements integrator functions for various McAfee products and some other informative features. In particular, it allows you to start the update manually, views the options of other installed products, etc.

Antivirus monitor: occupies in memory about 8MB + 7MB in virtual memory. McAfee Active Shield monitors check files when opened, created, modified. If a virus is detected, an attempt will be made to disinfect the data and display the corresponding warning automatically. In case of failure, you will be prompted to either delete the file or send it to quarantine, after which you will be prompted to check the computer thoroughly. Also, as an additional option, data sent via instant messaging are scanned (Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger are supported). In addition to all this, the duties of the anti-virus monitor include checking mail, detecting worms and blocking scripts.

The default is to check all files, which can be changed if necessary.

Technology ScriptStopperTM and WormStopperTM: Technologies for detecting, preventing and blocking virus-like activity. Suspicious is:

Running a script that creates, copies, delete files, or attempts to access the Windows registry.

Attempted mass mailing of letters, letters with a blank field “Subject” or without text messages.

Check email.

Fully supported:

Microsoft Outlook Express 4.0

Microsoft Outlook 97

Netscape Messenger 4.0

Netscape Mail 6.0

Eudora Light 3.0

Eudora Pro 4.0

Eudora 5.0

Pegasus 4.0

Messages received via the POP3 protocol are checked, outgoing messages are also reviewed. In the event of an infection, the attachment will automatically be replaced with a text document – the verification log.

In the process of sending letters, a message may be displayed about the possible activity of the worm, but it was just McAfee who responded to your letter. See what’s what and allow sending.

Hand Scanner. They are designed to validate objects that the user has selected. The options are simple, and everything is turned on by default, which allows you to achieve the maximum level of protection during the check, although this leads to a rather slow test, J will curse most of the cracks and other dubious programs, and some are not unreasonable!

Database update. It happens automatically every 4 hours, and it is also possible to check for updates manually. You can check the current version of the databases in this way: Right-click on the McAfee tray icon and select VirusScan Professional

-> About. The inscription DAT File Created is the date the databases were created. The size of the databases is about 100Kb, and updates may also include updates to software components.

Let’s sum up. In general, the antivirus creates a good impression. This product is intended for those users who do not want to be picked around for a long time with the settings, their minimum, but they are intuitive and do not cause difficulties. The default settings provide the maximum level of protection, but it should be noted that the anti-virus monitor has good speed with a high level of heuristic analysis. I did not notice any performance degradation (Celeron 850MHz, 256Mb RAM PC133), Win2000SP4 + hotfix. It should also be noted that McAfee VirusScan quite successfully fights viruses that spread in file-sharing networks.

Also, the price of this product seemed low for me, which is especially important.

The disadvantage of this antivirus is the absence of any work logs, annoyance when sending email messages with warnings about the activity of worms, and a serious omission from the manufacturers was the ability to stop the anti-virus monitor and even block its launch through the service manager although this problem is partially solved by the fact that this can be done only with the rights of the Administrator.

Users who like to tinker in the settings of the antivirus until blue in the face record the simplicity of the settings as a disadvantage.

In general, we can recommend installing the demo version. To buy or not is already your right.

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