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Do you want to play with your friends online, have discounts, and receive games every month? Reading this topic, you will find methods of how to get a PlayStation Plus free trial.

The Features of PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is a subscription that expanses the features of a PlayStation Network account. It makes your PlayStation experience better indeed as a member of the subscription get numerous advantages, such as:

  • Games every month for free. Usually, there are diverse hits of various genres. Subscribers can update their game library and try something new and quality.
  • Multiplayer. A player gets access to online multiplayer of the games they own. Perhaps, it’s one of the most significant features as many games are oriented on multiplayer. Also, it’s always great to have fun together with your friends.
  • Discounts. The subscription brings a lot of special offers for a player. It’s a great chance to save your many purchasing games or their pre-sales, buying additional content (DLCs and addons), and so forth.
  • Access to demos and beta. A member of the subscription can try some games even before their release playing early versions.
  • Gifts. Receive exclusive items in numerous online games available on PS. 
  • Large 100GB cloud storage. A great possibility to save the game data. A player can continue their game progress with this clod storage on any console.
  • Library sharing. A subscriber can share their library and all the content with another PS owner.

Get PlayStation Plus for Free

The number of benefits is undeniably impressive. However, it may be not clear enough for someone to make sure if it’s worth buying the subscription or not. In such a way, it would be cool to try PS Plus previously before buying. Fortunately, it’s possible.

So, what steps you need to follow:

  • Create as many new email accounts as it’s possible. The more you have, the longer will last your free subscription. It’s the main requirement of the list of tips.
  • The next step is to create a new PS Network account. One of the main requirements is to connect a PS account with an email. Do it with one of your emails. Don’t create many accounts and connect them with your emails at one time! 
  • Also, you need to enter your credit card to activate your new account. If you haven’t got one, ask your friend or relative. Don’t worry, it won’t take money. 
  • After activation, the new account will have a free trial of a PS Plus subscription for two weeks. If you already have a PS account, the subscription will be shared and you will be able to play games from your main account. However, you won’t be able to keep downloaded games.
  • When the trial runs out, just repeat all the steps creating a new PS account and connecting it with another email.

Such an algorithm will help you to extend your PS Plus for a long time without spending cash. In some circumstances, the free trial may long only 2 days. It means that you will need to create a new account more often. Nevertheless, you won’t be banned and may create accounts a lot as you want.

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