Security experts on how to share data and keep privacy

The issue of secure exchange of information in Virtual Data Rooms is becoming increasingly relevant and important for most businesses. In this article, more about it.

How to keep your data safe?

The process of digitalization covers all spheres of human activity, acquires a global character. E-commerce, as the product of the digital economy, has become a field of use of electronic and information technologies to promote traditional business processes in the distribution of goods and services, which has led to their profound radical changes.

Timely exchange of information among the team members is an important component of the successful work of any company, regardless of its specifics and scale. The spread of digital technologies in all industries contributes to the widespread introduction of corporate networks at various levels of business, from small firms to holdings.

Widespread use of cloud storage technology places increased demands on the security of mobile and remote telecommunications, storage, and protection of corporate data, including the unauthorized dissemination of this information. When using cloud storage technology on the model on remote servers and data centers of the provider stores critical information for the company, such as financial statements. Many executives duplicate it on their mobile devices, which reduces the level of information security of the enterprise. In this case, it is needed to provide measures to protect or destroy this data in the event of loss or theft. Transmission of information through unsecured communication channels can also lead to catastrophic consequences.

Virtual Data Room is a system that performs automated data processing and which includes technical means of their processing (means of computer technology and communication), as well as methods and procedures. In other words, it is a secure warehouse for business transactions.

Information security mechanisms in the Data Room

Security issues create a serious threat to any system, so it is important to know its vulnerabilities. Data Rooms are very attractive targets for hackers because they contain valuable and confidential information. It can range from financial or intellectual property to corporate and personal user data. Cybercriminals can make a profit by infiltrating companies’ servers and damaging databases in the process. Therefore, database security testing is mandatory.

The system of information protection in the electronic data room compiles hardware and software means:

  • backup and remote repository of the most important data sets in a computer system regularly;
  • duplication and redundancy of all network subsystems that are important for data storage;
  • creating an opportunity to redistribute network resources in cases of disruption of individual elements;
  • providing the opportunity to use backup power supply systems;
  • ensuring safety against fire or damage to equipment by water;

Information Protection in the Data Room is not only the defense of information processing means but also the organization of means of protection to maintain certain properties of information. The main features are confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility.

Virtual Data Room uses the following conceptual mechanisms of information security:

  • Identification – recognition of the participant of the information process interaction before information security aspects are applied to it.
  • Authentication – providing confidence that the participant information interaction is identified correctly.
  • Data encryption is a security method in which information is encrypted and can only be recovered or decrypted by a user with the correct decryption key.

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